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Exhibition: Concert for a New Forest - Guillaume Barth
From June 6th to July 27st 2019

« The earth has music for those who listen » 

Quote assigned to William Shakespeare 


Winner of the 2017 Bullukian Prize, Guillaume Barth present for the first time in the garden of the Bullukian Foundation his immersive installation Concert for a New Forest.

Rely on recent research, Guillaume Barth starts from the premise that Trees communicate with each others and are capable of transmitting informations to their environment through their own language. 


For more than 3 years, the artist transcribed the datas observed alongside the 130 oaks, shown at the exhibition. As a result the composition of surprising musicals scores that will resonate for a unique concert time, interpreted by the virtuoso pianist Neus Estarellas. 


Guided by the finical observations of the Nature, fed by the philosophical readings and carried by the ancestral knowledges, the artist reborn forgotten worlds, revealing to us new sounds and visuals horizons. 


By this so special attention to the seasons cycles and to the language of Nature, but also for his understanding of the forces and energies in movement, Guillaume Barth remind us that the vegetal world is more than ever essential to our future.       



Around the exhibition 


Free guided visit at 4pm on Saturdays and by reservations for the constituted groups (professionals, schools, associations).
Information and reservations :
assistante@bullukian.com / 04 78 82 93 86

Free entrance from Tuesday to Friday (2pm - 6:30pm) & Saturday (1pm - 7pm)


This exhibition is realized in partnership with Grame National Center of Music Creation and ENSATT ( National School of Arts and Theater techniques). This project was also supported by the Grand Est region and the DRAC Alsace. 


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Exhibition: Who knows how many flowers must have fallen - Lionel Sabatté
From March 21st to June 21st 2019



In spring 2019, The Bullukian Foundation is partner of the artistic path. Lionel Sabatté through the city of Lyon. At the crossroads of Chinese and Lyon’s culture, this itinerary corresponds to three cultural sites: the New Franco-Chinese Institute, the Gadagne Museums and the Bullukian Foundation, around the works of Lionel Sabatté. 


For this occasion, the Bullukian Foundation, in a partnership with the Olive tree Foundation, presents an original sculpture in bronze made by the artist. A "rust-colored" plumage crane will take flight from the Bullukian Foundation's main courtyard, paying tribute to this great migratory bird that has become the Chinese national emblem and symbolizes one of the great principles of Taoism thought: the one of a perpetual evolution.