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Meeting: Anne Goyer and Anne Pillonnet
Saturday, October 5th, 2019, at 4pm
Without light, there is no color. This sensory experience has always fascinated artists, theoreticians and scientists, whether by the material nature of the enlightened object, the impalpable nature of the light that illuminates it, and by the ability to perceive, augment or distort our experience, our knowledge, our culture, our sensitivity. Light and color are art and many sciences, in other words they are an ideal field of interdisciplinary experience.
Thanks to an innovative technique of drawing, and after several years of studies and collaborations between an artist and a team of five researchers of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 as part of a research program of CNRS and PULSALYS, it is possible to create a physical blue on paper, of the same nature as the blue of the atmosphere.
During this meeting, the artist Anne Goyer, and the physicist Anne Pillonnet, will take you to the heart of this "luminous space", by scanning the layers of the infinitely small, in a world where science and poetry rub.
Meeting proposed in partnership with PULSALYS on the occasion of the Science festival. 
Free entrance.
Reservation recommended: assistante@bullukian.com
Visual: © Anne Goyer
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Jérémy Gobé & Andrea Mastrovito 
From September 18th 2019 to January 5th 2020
Associated exhibition to the 15th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art

The Fondation Bullukian supports creative acts wrought in the complexity of encounters between artists and scientists. Its art centre on Place Bellecour in central Lyon helps foster the emergence of novel and plural forms, conducive to an evolving culture.

For the 15th Lyon Biennale, artists Jérémy Gobé and Andrea Mastrovito metamorphose the Fondation Bullukian’s spaces with engaged and immersive projects.

 Jérémy Gobé



Jérémy Gobé’s work directly addresses the issues of our age. His artistic practice translates a vision of art connected to contemporary society. Following a residency at the Saint-Gobain Weber France company, he creates Anthropocène for the garden of the Fondation Bullukian: a work that connects contemporary art, science, industry and sustainability. Jérémy Gobé shows us a new and virtuous ecosystem where art is a vehicle for, by turns, raising awareness of today’s challenges and inspiring tangible solutions.


Born in 1986, in Cambrai (France), livres and works in Paris (France).




Andrea Mastrovito



Andrea Mastrovito is an artist whose output spans diverse media : drawing, performance, video, sculpture and installation. For the Bullukian Foundation, he has devised four large, site-specific installations that immerse the spectator. Drawing on his reflections on landscape, its displacement and shifts, Andrea Mastrovito offers a rereading of the present, characterised either by the melancholy of an inescapable fate or by the enchantment of a life that is always born out of its own destruction. 

Born in 1978, in Bergamo (Italy), lives and works beetween Bergamo and New-York (USA).

Curator : Fanny Robin, Artistic Director of the Bullukian Foundation.
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